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Get to know your watershed!
Take a hike!
Learn about the watershed you live in. Knowing about your watershed will help you make informed decisions about issues that may arise.
Look around. See what's going on in the watershed you live in. Document things you feel don't look right and call your local conservation district. They don't know everything happening in the watershed unless they have help from you!
Did you know there are citizen monitoring groups throughout the Big Sioux River Watershed? Volunteer to monitor water quality or become involved in other things such as annual bird counts. You could also start your own volunteer monitoring group to monitor something that is important to you.
Become a Backyarder!
Participate in an Environmental Event!
Did you know Earth Day events occur in Watertown, Brookings, & Sioux Falls every April? Check with your local conservation district or environmental organization for a list of events happening in your watershed. Volunteer to help at the event or just come out and learn more about the environment!
Make a Donation!
Organize a stream or river cleanup!
Create a natural environment in your backyard by planting native trees, grasses, and flowers. You'll find that taking care of native vegetation is a cinch and it will attract beautiful birds and butterflies! You can even certify your backyard through the National Wildlife Federation (click here).
Be a Voice for the Environment!
If you are unable to volunteer, another option is to make a monetary donation for a cause you support.
Trash in rivers and streams is not only an eyesore but could be harmful to aquatic life. Garabage can be potentially dangerous to terrestrial animals that forage the shorelines for food. Check out the National River Cleanup website for more ideas on how to organize a cleanup group.
Be the eyes and ears of your watershed. If you see something suspicious, give a call to your local conservation office or watershed district. Support environmentally sound ideas and most of all, exercise your right to vote!
Ideas for Lakeshore Owners
Ideas for Rural Ag Owners
Ideas for Urban Dwellers